Canadian Preries and Halifax

Tango in Canadian Preries and Halifax

original photo by Tango Fire

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With attractions and activities glamour, Chicago is a place for everyone. You can stroll through all the famous spots, then visit the theater district and after go for a late night visit to a jazz blues bar... and, of course the Tango

Where to Dance Tango in Canadian Preries and Nova Scotia?


comments Club Tango Argentino

In brief: Argentine Tango is a complete dance system, not a single dance. It has enormous improvisational, rhythmic, stylistic and interpretive possibilities.
Address: 1627, 10 Ave SW, SUNALTA COMM. CENTER, Calgary
Weekly Program: Classes and Calendar


comments Tango Plus

In brief: We have dreams that might not be realized; problems eluding solution; desires life might not fulfil. In some way we are all immigrants seeking a home. But we have the answers for our troubles in this moment. We find them in Tango Argentino.
Address: RECREATION CENTER U of A: Room W1-17
MACKENZIE HALL: (College Plaza) - 83 Ave
PARKDALE HALL: 11335-85 street
Weekly Program: Classes


comments Winnipeg Argentine Tango Community

In brief: The Winnipeg Argentine Tango Community is a nonprofit organization. All are welcome to attend the milongas, to learn, and to practice the Argentine tango in a friendly, informal, supportive atmosphere.
Weekly Program: Classes, Practicas, and Milongas

comments Patricia Dance Studio

Description: Whether you are just beginning to explore the world of dance, or, wish to continue to advance your dance skills, Patricia's Dance Studio offers the perfect location to suit all your dance requirements.
Address: 20-2025 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg, Mb. R3P-0A5
How to get there: Tuxedo Park Shopping Centre, Lower Level (Entrance by Bank of Montreal)
Weekly program: Weekly Calendar


Shirleys Studio

Mission: "To create a new Tango community in every neighborhood in the Chicagoland area and in neighborhoods within major metropolitan cities across the country. "
Address: 255 Tache Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba R2H 1Z8
Program: Classes



Halifax Tango Community

Description: Hosted by dedicated members of the local tango community to promote and share the enjoyment of this unique and passionate dance.
"... the best way to learn tango is to stand up and try it!"

comments Tangonova

In brief: Founded by dance instructor Margaret Spore, Tangonova is dedicated to establishing an authentic tango presence in Nova Scotia. Intimate, improvisational and challenging. Argentine tango is truly the dance of fearless passion.
Weekly Program: Please see Classes

comments El Proximo

In brief: By focusing on the fundamental quality of the connection between partners, we will explore how varying step size through dynamic level changes opens up a host of new possibilities within the dance.
Location: Capoeira Studio, 2827 Isleville St.
Weekly Program: Classes and events

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