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Afternoon in Park St- Viateur - Milongas every Sunday afternoon, Summer time





Montreal is the largest billingul French and English speaking city in the world. Tango festivals during the summer and closed lieus for the winter.

Where to Dance Tango in Montreal?

Montreal is famous for its French flavour, old architecture, great food and wonderful dancing atmosphere. Festivas and dance studios expand their invitations for classes and milongas.

currently listed: 7 schools

comments Tango Fabrika "Our dance are more than its steps. Our dance are creative communication. The music is a cutting-edge mix of alternative and traditional tango, the atmosphere is heartfelt and the dancing is first rate."
Address: map 5359 Avenue du Parc, Montréal, QC
Weekly Program: Details

comments Studio Tango Argentine Tango classes of all levels
Address: 643 Notre-Dame Ouest,H3C 1H8 [map] tel(514)844 2786)
How to get there: Near Old Montreal and the Old Port - just steps away from the St-Jaques exit ot the Square-Victoria metro station
Qucik links: Classes offered; Class schedules; Evenings and practices; Workshops

comments AlSurTango "Both sensual and mysterious, ‘a secret to discover’, let us introduce you to the fascinating world of Argentine Tango." The studio is spacious (no columns) and very pleasant. The school pays particularly close attention to the different styles that make up the Tango. Past guest instructors such as Matias de Valentin Alsina and “El Chino” with their particular style further reinforces this philosophy."
Address: 370 Jean-Talon Est 2d floor, H2R 1T3 [map],
How to go there: located close to metro Jean-Talon
Weekly program: Schedule

comments Tango Libre "Tango Libre" might be the perfect club for someone who wanted to not simply dance, but also to meet Montrealers where they live, to get close enough to touch the heart of what makes Montreal one of the most beautiful and liveable cities in the world.
Address: 2485, Ave du Mont-Royal Est, H2H 1L4 [map] Tel.: (514) 527-5197
Weekly program: Classes

comments Mon Tango "We teach all the basic steps and figures, but our ultimate goal is to teach you how to dance, so along with the figures, we concentrate on improvisation, teaching you how to string the steps together in new ways, developing your particular style and a dance that’s all your own MonTango".
Address: 5588A, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal,[map] tel: 514-486-5588
Weekly program: Practices and Practi-milonga; Classes

comments Concordia Tango Club All are welcome! Concordia student: $5; Non-Concordia students: $15; General public (practica only): $8
Address: 6870 Terrebonne(Dewey Hall) [map],
How to go there: Five minutes east of the Loyola campus (corner Terrebonne and Mariette NDG)
By city transport: Laurier metro and bus 51 or Vendôme metro and bus 105 or Villa Maria metro and bus 162
Weekly program: Lessons

comments Dance Conmigo "Take the first step - and discover the world of tango! Take continuation of Tango and refine your steps, develop your confidence and expand your tango vocabulary with important new patterns and figures."
Address 3655 St-Laurent Studio 207 - Montreal CA H2X 2V6 [map]
Weekly program: Course Schedule

Nuevo Tango Festival: Brief Overview

Spend an intense 3 days and 4 nights in romantic and tango-crazy Montreal, indulging your passion for electronic, alternative and traditional tango.
  • 8 Great Milongas
  • 27 World-class tango workshops
  • 2 Supervised practicas
  • 2 Exchanges for students and teachers
  • Lots of dancing and music!
  • instructors djs & orchestras
    mariana galassi buenos aires avik basu ann arbor
    homer & cristina ladas san francisco shorey myers portland
    nick jones & tara fortier denver robin thomas new york
    korey ireland & mila vigdorova kansas city / moscow adam hoopengardner new york
    damian & jennifer buenos aires / NYC bulent karabagli montréal / istanbul
    robin thomas new york    
    nancy lavoie québec    
    bulent karabagli montréal / istanbul    
    marika landry montréal    
    5359 Avenue du Parc, Montreal, QC H2V, Canada

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    Festival de Tango Nuevo (4 years already) | Festival in the Park r. | Milongas and open doors for trial classes.

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